Funding News: Blockdaemon Secures $155M, Genesis Digital Assets Raises $431M
By / September 22, 2021

The new fundraising brings Blockdaemon’s total valuation to $1.255 billion, adding it to the list of companies that have reached unicorn status.

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Compass Mining to Now Serve At-home Miners
By / September 21, 2021

Company launches delivery of Bitmain’s Antminer S19 and MicroBT’s Whatsminer M30S.

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DAS 2021: Galaxy’s Fabiano Says Most Mining Energy is Renewable
By / September 17, 2021

The sustainability of bitcoin mining has come under harsh criticism recently, but experts insist that the industry is on the right track toward sustainability.

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Bitcoin Mining Shifts to N. America Amid Fee Compression
By / September 15, 2021

Transaction fees are at historical lows, but block subsidies are still attractive.

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Ethereum’s Hard Fork is Bound to Be Implemented Despite Opposition
By / August 4, 2021

Nearly 70% of the clients on the network signal support for EIP-1559, but opposition is abound.

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Musk, Dorsey and Carter Make Case for a Greener Bitcoin
By / July 21, 2021

“There appears to be a positive trend in energy for bitcoin,” Elon Musk said during the “Bitcoin as a Tool for Economic Empowerment” session at The B-Word conference.

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Viridi Launches First US Clean Energy Crypto Mining ETF
By / July 20, 2021

CoinShares-backed fund manager’s actively managed offering comes amid negative sentiment around environmental impact of crypto mining

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Bit Digital Cashes in on Chinese Mining Exodus
By / July 15, 2021

Bit Digital CEO Bryan Bullett said the company has accelerated its migration strategy to North America, which is a part of its ongoing efforts since October 2020.

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China’s BIT Mining Enters Agreement to Raise $50M Private Placement
By / July 12, 2021

The proceeds are going to be used to acquire additional mining machines, create new data centers overseas, expand its infrastructure and boost its working capital position, BIT Mining said.

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The Investor’s Guide to Bitcoin Mining
By / July 5, 2021

The top articles on bitcoin mining, curated by our co-founder

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