The secret sauce behind Web3’s premier applications

When it comes to building top Web3 applications like Phantom and Dune Analytics, reliability and scalability are paramount


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In the rapidly evolving world of blockchain gaming and decentralized applications, the significance of a reliable and robust infrastructure cannot be overemphasized. As developers aim to scale, enhance efficiency, and safeguard users, integrating powerful tools becomes paramount. 

In this context, we delve into how Altura, a prominent platform for blockchain game developers, revolutionized its Web3 gaming ecosystem by collaborating with QuickNode. Furthermore, we’ll explore how DappRadar, the global dApp store, amplifies its real-time analytics capabilities with QuickNode’s robust infrastructure, ensuring both operational excellence and user safety in the face of prevalent scams.


Altura integrates QuickNode to get more reliable blockchain infrastructure performance.
Source: Altura

Altura, a platform assisting blockchain game developers to integrate Web3 into their games, partnered with QuickNode to fortify its Web3 gaming ecosystem. Altura’s partnership with QuickNode has addressed past infrastructure inconsistencies, enhanced operational efficiency, and empowered them to tap into historical blockchain data using Archival Nodes.

Shaking off reliability issues

Before connecting with QuickNode, Altura struggled with its previous Web3 providers, experiencing frequent downtimes and shaky support. After a couple of misses with other providers, they turned to QuickNode because of its reputation for being reliable. Making the switch, Altura found what they were missing: reliability and a smooth ride.

With QuickNode on board, Altura dove deep into the available. They started using the Archival Node, a treasure chest of old blockchain data. Then came QuickAlerts, a nifty tool letting developers keep tabs on stuff like when NFTs are sold, resulting in an augmented marketplace indexer and easier new chain integration. Thanks to these tools, Altura’s platform became more efficient and user-friendly. QuickNode gave them the magic touch to level up in the blockchain gaming scene!

“I can attest to both the user-friendly nature and the innovative techniques employed by QuickNode. However, the crux of any product’s effectiveness lies in its reliability. In my experience, among all the available products in the market, QuickNode is the singular entity that satisfactorily meets this essential requirement.”

Abdullah Rangoonwala, Head of Engineering at Altura


DappRadar leverages QuickNode to protect users from blockchain scams.
Source: DappRadar

DappRadar is the world’s dApp (decentralized application) store, serving as the starting point for millions of users as they initiate the discovery of Dapps across all product categories and blockchains. QuickNode’s robust infrastructure offers raw blockchain data, with instant access to archive nodes, tracking patterns, and other features; it provides the foundation needed for DappRadar’s real-time analytics tools to function and scale its data analytics capabilities across multiple chains.

Shining a light on bad actors

In an industry where scams are prevalent, maintaining user safety is essential for a platform like DappRadar that aggregates dApps globally. Every day, hundreds of smart contracts pop up; many are not trustworthy. By leveraging Quicknode, DappRadar taps into over 300,000 listed smart contracts, alerting its users if a deal is too good to be true. Thanks to this, developers can help users avoid sneaky scams lurking in the shadows and DappRadar can much easier maintain its reputation as a safe, trustworthy solution for locating dApps.

“When we started DappRadar two years ago, we chose QuickNode instead of running our own node. Saved us time and money!”

Skirmantas Januškas, Co-founder of DappRadar

QuickNode’s crucial role in shaping the future of Web3

In the blockchain sphere, having a resilient and efficient infrastructure is not just about enhancing operational capacities; it’s about ensuring user safety and providing unparalleled experiences. 

Altura’s transformation and DappRadar’s unwavering commitment to user safety are testaments to the indispensable role that QuickNode plays in fortifying the Web3 domain. By addressing the intrinsic needs of the decentralized world, QuickNode is setting a gold standard, helping renowned Web3 applications navigate challenges and scale new heights.

To get started implementing QuickNode into your endeavors, check out their website. To stay on top of their latest updates, be sure to follow the team on X and join their Discord server.

This content is sponsored by QuickNode.

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