Oasis Pro Markets Taps Anchorage for ATS Custody and Settlement
By / September 15, 2021

Oasis Pro Markets is one of the few crypto trading institutions that has an Alternative Trading System License

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Gensler: Investors are Not Protected When It Comes to Crypto
By / September 14, 2021

In prepared remarks during his testimony before the Senate Banking Committee Tuesday, Gensler said that emerging technologies pose risks to investors, and regulators cannot continue to look the other way.

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Coinbase Wants to Raise $1.5B via Debt Offering
By / September 13, 2021

The $1.5-billion bond sale takes place as the company faces increased regulatory scrutiny from the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

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Podcast: US China Cold War Heats Up, SEC Sues Coinbase
By / September 11, 2021

Get your macro fix with Blockworks’ own Mike Ippolito and co-host, Mark Yusko.

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Is a Regulatory Fight Over Crypto Lending Brewing in Canada?
By / September 10, 2021

Coinberry CEO Andrei Poliakov is looking to see how things play out in the US between Coinbase and the SEC, although some of his unlicensed competitors already offer the service

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QCP Capital Says ‘Regulatory Catalysts’ in US are Driving Crypto Volatility
By / September 8, 2021

Wheels are coming off the rally because of two major regulatory issues emerging in the US

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The SEC Will Sue Coinbase if it Launches Lend
By / September 8, 2021

If Coinbase continues with plans to launch its lending platform, it will be sued, the company said.

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Bitcoin Drops Nearly 11% Tuesday on Whale Leverage Liquidations
By / September 7, 2021

ByBit Reports $1.41 billion in bitcoin, $878.58 million in ether positions ‘rekt’ in the last 24 hours

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FTX Joins Coinbase, Kraken With US GAAP Audit Pass
By / August 27, 2021

The news comes as regulators around the world have moved to bring further oversight to the cryptocurrency industry.

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Coinbase’s $500M Crypto Investment is a ‘Game’ to Attract Users, Sources Say
By / August 20, 2021

Market players say Coinbase is “putting their money where their mouth is” with this investment and in turn, attracting investors to their exchange.

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