Web3 Watch: New NFTs from Lamborghini and Ledger, Fox To Air First Blockchain-based Show
By / August 10, 2022, 5:46 pm EDT

Blockworks Exclusive: New kid on the block Raelic is an NFT minting mobile app that aspires to be Instagram’s new rival

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The Merge: Will You Survive, Thrive or Get Left Behind?
By / August 10, 2022, 5:10 pm EDT
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Website of Decentralized Crypto Exchange Curve ‘Compromised’
By / August 9, 2022, 5:30 pm EDT

Issue “found and reverted,” Curve says in latest tweet after investigation

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Coinbase Stock Down About 5% After Missing Projections Again
By / August 9, 2022, 5:02 pm EDT

Coinbase execs urge investors to look at the bigger picture in shareholder letter reporting revenue drop

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Nas Academy To Launch Token-gated Web3 Courses
By / August 9, 2022, 11:00 am EDT

Blockworks exclusive: Nas Academy and Invisible College partner to offer online Web3 learning library, with access granted via NFT

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SoFi Debuts ETF Focused on NFTs, Blockchain Tech, Metaverse
By / August 9, 2022, 10:13 am EDT

The firm tracks an index that also includes companies in the big data and artificial intelligence segments

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Ankr Moves to Decentralize Node Infrastructure with Staking
By / August 9, 2022, 9:18 am EDT

Centralized node infrastructure is under renewed scrutiny following Tornado Cash OFAC designation, leading Ankr’s competitors to restrict access

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FTX Bringing Crypto Swaps to Reddit
By / August 9, 2022, 9:00 am EDT

The “Front Page of the Internet” enlisted FTX and Arbitrum to launch its tokens on the Ethereum mainnet

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Funding Wrap: Gaming Startups Still a Hot Item for Venture Capitalists
By / August 8, 2022, 2:31 pm EDT

Outside of gaming, crypto funding was quieter than usual this past week, but investors are still committing to startups building in the space

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Netflix Builds ‘Gray Man’ Metaverse Experience in Decentraland
By / August 5, 2022, 5:30 pm EDT

Decentraland users can now live a scene from Netflix’s new action movie “The Gray Man” from inside the metaverse

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