While a sector-wide sell-off in digital assets on Wednesday took hold, participants have continued to deposit record amounts of ETH into the validator pool

The SEC’s move against Coinbase marked yet another instance of enforcement actions taken against crypto operators
Notional open interest on the largest centralized crypto derivatives exchange’s platform exceeded $20 billion Wednesday
IoT machines are not the enemy, but our legacy methods of running them will be
Justin Sun is accused of mismanaging billions of dollars of TRX and BTT tokens on public markets — while creating secondary sales from which he profited

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Ethereum Gas Price


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Mars Protocol: Cosmos' DeFi Superapp


Mars is a generalized credit protocol built on the Cosmos SDK that leverages a hub and spoke model to control smart contract deployments, called Outposts, on other Cosmos chains.



Blockworks exclusive: SynFutures launches alpha for Tinder-style NFT trading app, allowing up to 3x leverage by swiping left and right.


The free offering organizes and tracks a list of programs and available requests for proposal


The Ethereum Shapella hard fork is likely going to bring more investors into staking, MetaMask Institutional expects


Fujitsu is among other prominent Japanese companies that recently announced their intention to create a Japan Metaverse Economic Zone


“Bitcoin has seen one of the most explosive weekly rallies in history,” Glassnode says


One of gaming’s most respected studios is developing a flagship Web3 title, and they’ve raised $40 million to pull it off


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Mars Protocol: Cosmos' DeFi Superapp

Blockworks Research

Mars is a generalized credit protocol built on the Cosmos SDK that leverages a hub and spoke model to control smart contract deployments, called Outposts, on other Cosmos chains.
by EffortCapital /
Goldfinch: A Strong Contender in On-Chain Private Credit Markets

Blockworks Research

Goldfinch is an on-chain private credit protocol that allows entities, mostly lending businesses and credit funds in emerging markets, to borrow from a variety of KYC’d lenders.
by Ren Yu Kong /
The On-Chain Impact of the SVB Bank Run

Blockworks Research

An analysis of the on-chain aftershocks felt from the SVB bank run that began March 8.
by Dan Smith /
Ethereum Roadmap Part 3: The Verge and The Purge

Blockworks Research

The Verge’s primary goal is to make light clients as easy as possible to run and increase their role in the security of Ethereum, while the Purge’s primary goal is to simplify the protocol by stripping down the storage requirements of nodes.
by Westie /