It’s refreshing to find those who are willing to openly debate bitcoin with evidence and logical reasoning instead of physical combat

Plus, something interesting is once again happening with Solana’s transaction numbers
Gambaryan continues to be detained in a Nigerian prison on other charges of money laundering
Biden’s team hasn’t yet been as responsive on this issue as the former president, Marathon Digital execs say
As part of the settlement, Gemini is banned from operating crypto lending programs in New York.

Key metrics


Ethereum Gas Price


Fear and Greed Index

Federal Reserve Balance Sheet

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Ethereum, long heralded as the undisputed leader in the blockchain space, is starting to show signs of vulnerability. Its once unshakeable position is now being challenged by a new wave of competitors, innovative technologies, and evolving market trends. The landscape is shifting, and Ethereum's dominance is no longer a foregone conclusion.


Beneath top level numbers in May’s CPI print lies a treasure trove of insights as to where inflation might be headed


Roughly 90% of validators have upgraded to the new software, and many have reported using the scheduler


The individual issuers are working with SEC staff to get registration statements approved, Gensler said


Plus, Sam Brown’s victory in Nevada could position crypto to be a race-defining issue this November


The plugin has created $50 million in payments volume since launching


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Blockworks and Bankless in collaboration with buidlbox are excited to announce the second installment of the Permissionless Hackathon – taking place October 7-8 in Salt Lake City, Utah. We’ve partnered with buidlbox to bring together the brightest minds in crypto for […]

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Ethereum's Future: Emerging Technologies for a Scalable and Decentralized Future

Blockworks Research

Ethereum, long heralded as the undisputed leader in the blockchain space, is starting to show signs of vulnerability. Its once unshakeable position is now being challenged by a new wave of competitors, innovative technologies, and evolving market trends. The landscape is shifting, and Ethereum's dominance is no longer a foregone conclusion.
by Marc-Thomas Arjoon, CFA /
Avalanche: An Economic Analysis of ACP-77

Blockworks Research

Avalanche has introduced proposal ACP-77, which would drastically lower the barrier to entry to launch a dedicated blockchain, while imposing a continuous fee mechanism that subnets would pay to the P-Chain. By performing a scenario analysis of different dedicated blockchain solutions, we conclude that ACP77 would hypothetically make Avalanche subnets as cost-effective as Celestia-based rollups while providing additional liveness guarantees and native interoperability.
by EffortCapital /
Polygon Protocol Governance Call (PPGC) #20

Blockworks Research

This month's PPGC mainly focused on discussing PIP-37: Ahmedabad Hard Fork, and the PIPs included with it. PIP-36, PIP-30 and PIP-35, included alongside PIP-37, were discussed also in the last PPGC notes. The only notable change since then has been the adoption of EIP-7702 over EIP-3074, with regard to PIP-22. Both are related to account abstraction, while EIP-7702 was proposed by Vitalik while EIP-7702 to eliminate vulnerabilities and ensure forward compatibility, by improving upon EIP-3074.
by Boccaccio /
Kinto: A Security-First L2

Blockworks Research

Kinto's novel L2 prioritizes compliance, security, and the user experience.
by 0xpibblez /